Events Diary

Midsummer Night’s Dream

Join us for a delicious vegetarian midsummer feast.

Between courses there will be an amusing retelling of Shakespeare’s Midsummer Nights’ Dream.


The Edventure Make Course ‘The Food Challenge’ in February and March 2017 is a three week challenge is to Design, Make and Sell food products alongside a local chef. Celia will be a Course Contributor.

After Valentine – A post-romantic night! – 15 February 2017

A vegetarian feast to delight and tease -dress accordingly!
Plus there will be words to tickle your fancy from guest poet Moira Andrew.

Another Pop-Up Café at the Three Swans, Frome.

Advance booking essential – book here:

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Twelfth Night

Friday 6 January 2016 – Pop-Up Cafe at The Three Swans, Frome

Our 2nd pop-up is on Twelfth Night which marks the end of the winter festival that began on All Hallows Eve (Halloween). On this night the Lord of Misrule symbolizes the world turning upside down.
As well as a delicious meal there will be brief retelling of Shakespeare’s play Twelfth Night, otherwise known as ‘What You Will’. In this comedy Shakespeare makes a serious point about how we judge people by the way they look, and that what is in peoples’ hearts is far more important than the clothes they wear.

15 December 2016 – Vegetarian Xmas Dinner at The Three Swans

Our launch event was a great success and inspired us to plan a monthly series.